by Frederic Augustin

The Premier Trade show for all biobased Industries; 15.02-16.02.2017; Cologne, Germany

As the visitors enters the hall and walks it full circle, the value chain of the bioeconomy unfurls full size. From the raw material producers near the entrance right to the companies that bring the final product onto the supermarket shelf, at BiobasedWorld the whole world of the bioeconomy will be displayed.
We turn the spotlight on a multi-billion-dollar business with biobased products that are part of our daily lives as well as the supply chain that leads up to them. Look forward to the premier trade show that takes the bioeconomy from "Let's talk about it" to "let's do it".
BiobasedWorld will bring together experts from all fields to exchange ideas and overcome topical borders. It's not specialized or restricted to a certain market sector, so be part of it and broaden your horizon.

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